Wooden bed frames ‘key to positive feng shui’

17 March 2011 by , No Comments
Stockholm Bedframe

Stockholm Bedframe

Homeowners have been urged to ensure they have wooden bed frames in place rather than alternatives made from other materials.

Master Sarah McAllister, director of Feng Shui Agency and School of Chue Feng Shui, said those who believe in the ancient traditions must opt for wood.

“Beds made from natural wood or materials are better for sleep than metal framed beds or mattresses with metal coils, because the metal is not harmonious with the bio-electrical field of the body,” she noted.

Meanwhile, creating a positive feel in the bedroom is not as simple as that, as Ms McAllister went on to recommend headboards must be high and padded.

And the wall immediately behind a bed should be solid, rather than one that is attached to a pipe or window.

Interior designer Helen Green, writing for terrysfabrics.co.uk, this week advised people to use a minimalist style and the squaring trend in the bedroom.

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