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Coldplay named best band for a nap

26 October 2010 by , No Comments
Coldplay named best band for a nap

A survey of the acts most likely to send people to sleep with their music has been topped by Coldplay. The group was named by the largest number of people in a poll by Travelodge, with high numbers of respondents also citing crooner Michael Buble as apt to make them snooze, placing him second. According […]

Concerns raised over children’s bedroom paint

26 October 2010 by , No Comments
Concerns raised over children's bedroom paint

Fumes emitted by some kinds of paint used in bedrooms could affect children, a new study indicates. Specialists from Sweden’s Karlstad University discovered kids have a considerably higher risk of developing allergies if they are exposed to certain chemicals when sleeping. According to the scientists, young people are as much as 180 per cent more […]

Tiredness ‘costs UK economy £1.6bn’

25 October 2010 by , No Comments
Tiredness 'costs UK economy £1.6bn'

Workers being deprived of sleep costs the UK economy an estimated £1.6 billion a year, or £280 a year for each worker. This is according to figures released by Bupa, which suggest that severe tiredness is costing employers around £1.6 billion annually. A study of 1,000 people by the organisation shows that one in five […]

New human mattress dominos record set

22 October 2010 by , No Comments
New human mattress dominos record set

A new world record has been set in human mattress dominos. The event took place in Taylorsville, Utah, with students from a local school taking part. Eisenhower Junior High School managed to set a new Guinness World Record for the largest number of human mattress dominos toppled at one time. Mattresses were donated by a […]

Bedding products ‘can assist good sleep’

21 October 2010 by , No Comments
Bedding products 'can assist good sleep'

Consumers are on the search for products that can help them secure a good night’s sleep, it has been claimed. In an article for Canadian newspaper the Star, Vicky Sanderson explained that there is a growing body of items that are targeted at improving rest, including memory foam mattresses and pillows. She noted a recent […]

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