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'Exploring new surroundings' can aid sleep

13 August 2010 by , No Comments
Challenging the mind with new images or conversations can reportedly increase the chances of drifting off easier.

People who toss and turn on their mattress at night have been advised to spend more time outdoors taking in new sights and sounds. Professor Jim Horne, of Loughborough University’s Sleep Research Centre, described how altering routines can activate the brain and encourage slumber. “Stimulation makes the brain work harder than staying indoors surrounded by […]

Adults told: Stop kids from using technology before bed

12 August 2010 by , No Comments
The body's natural rhythms can be disrupted by bright lights emitted from computers and mobile phones, people have been warned.

Children who use technology before bed are less likely to be able to sleep easily, one expert has warned. Nancy Collop, president-elect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, described how bright lights emitted by items such mobile phones and computers can hinder slumber, USA Today reports. She said: “Cellphones, Facebook, iPods and video games […]

New mattress 'can combat restless sleep'

12 August 2010 by , No Comments
Couples have been advised to ensure their sleeping environment is comfortable enough to promote sleep.

A decent mattress and good pillow are important factors in ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep. This is according to Men’s Fitness magazine, which gave readers tips on how best to drift off and awake feeling refreshed. In order to fully support the neck, individuals need to be lay prone and therefore, falling asleep in a […]

'Stay calm' when struggling to sleep

12 August 2010 by , No Comments
Relaxing the mind and body is the key to sleeping soundly, people have been advised.

Worrying about not sleeping can cause people to struggle to drift off, one expert has warned. Jacqueline Brunshaw, director of the psychology department at the Cleveland Clinic Canada in Toronto, told Post Media News that instead, individuals should relax and eventually they will fall asleep. “Just say you’ll rest your eyes,” she said; “That’s about […]

'Cut down on workloads' to sleep better

10 August 2010 by , No Comments
Workers have been advised to speak to their bosses if they are feeling too pressured to sleep.

It is important to achieve a healthy work-life balance in order to get enough shut-eye in bed each night, one expert has warned. Archibald Hart, senior professor of psychology at Fuller Graduate School, explained how losing sleep over job worries can lead to people underperforming at work, CTV News reports. Therefore, it is important individuals […]

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