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Tips offered on buying a new bed

27 September 2010 by , No Comments
A series of tips including measuring rooms and considering what sort of mattress is required have been issued for double bed buyers

Purchasing new double mattresses should be carefully considered to ensure that buyers secure the right product for their needs. This is according to website About Property, which suggests a series of tips for those purchasing new double beds, including thinking about aspects such as price and size. In its five recommendations for those seeking new […]

Sleeping Beauty tests hotel mattresses

26 September 2010 by , No Comments
A hotel chain product manager has stated that the bed is

A woman dubbed Sleeping Beauty by her colleagues who works testing mattresses at hotels across the UK has described beds as “the most important element” in a room. Sarah Simpson, who claims to be more like Goldilocks, is a product manager for the Premier Inn chain and she told the Mirror: “I have to make […]

New human mattress dominoes record set

23 September 2010 by , No Comments

The world record for “human mattress dominoes” has been broken following an event in the US. A total of 385 twin mattresses were used to smash the previous limit reached, with the results aired on television stations. The deck of an aircraft carrier in New York City provided the backdrop for the stunt, with each […]

Jolie advised by Eastwood to sleep more

21 September 2010 by , No Comments
Clint Eastwood has suggested that Angelina Jolie should sleep more than actors in order to become a top director

Angelina Jolie has been offered some unique advice on improving her directing skills by a Hollywood legend. Clint Eastwood recommended to the actress, who is now trying her hand at helming a movie, that rest is central to her becoming successful. He said that in order to become a great director she should spend more […]

World’s largest dog ‘sleeps on queen-sized bed’

21 September 2010 by , No Comments
A queen-sized bed is the sleeping spot for the tallest dog in the world

A giant mattress is in order for the world’s largest dog, it has been revealed. The 7 ft 3 in Great Dane sleeps on a large bed frame all to himself and lives in Tucson, Arizona. Giant George weighs 245 pounds and recently met with the world’s smallest mutt, tiny Chihuahua Boo Boo. In addition […]

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