Sealy offers assistance to improve sleep

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Sealy offers assistance to improve sleep

Sealy offers assistance to improve sleep

Stressed and overtired individuals are being offered assistance from Sealy to improve their rest.

The bedmaker has released a podcast by physiotherapist and author of the Good Sleep Guide Sammy Margo, who provides help with relaxing and switching off after slipping between the sheets on mattresses.

She stated: “We face endless distractions to keep us out of bed in the evenings and the simple truth is our biological clocks can’t always keep up with seemingly endless days and non-existent nights.”

Good sleep can improve health, while failing to get enough can cause people to feel miserable, irritated and exhausted, affect immune systems, impair concentration and contribute to the effects of ageing.

Ms Margo declares it is “the magic ingredient” to being healthier, happier, thinner and sexier and has created a download for mp3 players based on progressive muscle relaxation to aid people in nodding off.

Individuals interested in improving their sleep may also be interested in Bensons for Beds’ iPhone app, which provides information about selecting the correct bed and sleeping well.

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