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Team bedroom furniture with latest technology for great home

17 March 2011 by , No Comments
Vegas Range

Owners of sleeping quarters in need of a little livening up could turn to the latest technology – as well as bedroom furniture – if one expert is to be believed. Suzi Perry, the popular television presenter, said many parts of the house have been revolutionised by new products that improve the quality of life. […]

Bedroom furniture ‘not the only factor in quality sleep venue’

17 March 2011 by , No Comments
Casa Range

Britons have been reminded that they must look further than their bedroom furniture if they are to create a relaxing and beautiful place to enjoy high-quality sleep. Master Sarah McAllister, director of Feng Shui Agency and School of Chue Feng Shui, said people should consider the quality of the air and layout of a space. […]

Add style to bedroom furniture with paint and finishes

17 March 2011 by , No Comments
Casa Bedroom Furniture

Homeowners have been advised to use paint and other finishes if they would like to add “a lot of style” to their sleeping quarters, an area that is decorated with bedroom furniture. Helen Green, author of the blog on, said a second complementary colour within one part of the home is a highly fashionable […]

Evening routines ‘can help youngsters settle in kid’s beds’

7 February 2011 by , No Comments
Evening routines 'can help youngsters settle in kid's beds'

Parents who have problems getting their children to settle down in their kid’s beds could find tips offered by one writer helpful. In a piece for website Made For Mums, Cassandra Kempster-Roberts said establishing a consistent night-time routine is important for ensuring little ones get enough shut eye, as activities like baths and stories can […]

Parents advised to consistently enforce children’s bed times

7 February 2011 by , No Comments
Parents advised to consistently enforce children's bed times

Parents have been advised to make sure their little ones settle down in their children’s beds at a consistent time each night to guarantee they get enough sleep. Dr David Gozal, chair of paediatrics at Comer Children’s Hospital at the University of Chicago, said while it may be difficult for adults to enforce early bed […]

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